Preventive Tests

Preventive Tests

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Functional Medicine is individualized medicine that deals with the primary prevention and the root causes and not with the symptoms of the diseases. Evaluation of the function of organs and systems is the basic principle of Functional Medicine.

Diagnostiki Athinon's Preventive Tests are the most valuable tool of Functional Medicine in diagnosing the real and root causes of diseases, before the manifestation of clinical signs and symptoms.

  • FemoScan®


    Vaginal Microbiome Tests

    FemoScan® is a new group of specialized molecular tests that analyze the vaginal microbiome and its disorders.

  • myGenomiX®


    Predisposition Genetic Tests

    Testing chromosomes and genes for predisposition to the diseases. See your DNA, modify your lifestyle, gain quality of life

  • TrophoScan®


    Food Intolerance Tests

    TrophoScan® is the most valid, reliable, and effective way to test Food Intolerance by measuring the levels of circulating total IgG antibodies in the blood against potentially allergenic foods.

  • EnteroScan®


    Intestinal Microbiome Tests

    EnteroScan® is a group of specialized laboratory tests that analyze the intestinal microbiome and its functions.

  • DetoxScan®


    Oxidative Stress Tests

    DetoxScan® includes laboratory tests to measure oxidative stress and the body's antioxidant defense mechanisms.

  • NutriScan®


    Vitamin and Micronutrient Tests

    NutriScan® includes laboratory tests to check the Micronutrients and Macronutrients of the organism such as vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids as well as the analysis of organic acids in the urine (MetaBolomiX™).

  • CardioScan®


    Cardiovascular System Tests

    CardioScan® consists of laboratory tests that investigate many risk factors for developing cardiovascular diseases.

  • HormoneScan®


    Hormone Tests

    HormoneScan® includes laboratory tests for hormones and endocrine glands in men and women.

  • ImmuneScan®


    Immune System Tests

    ImmuneScan® includes laboratory tests to check many functions of the immune system, innate and adaptive, humoral, and cellular immunity.

  • Metals & Traces®

    Metals & Traces®

    Heavy Metal Tests

    Metals & Traces® include laboratory tests for the analysis of heavy metals in all biological materials of the body (blood, urine, saliva, hair, etc.).

  • NeuroScan®


    Nervous System Tests

    NeuroScan® includes laboratory tests for the examination of neurotransmitters and various other parameters related to the health of the nervous system.

  • Acid / Base Balance®

    Acid / Base Balance®

    Acid-Base Balance Test

    The Acid / Base Balance® includes laboratory tests to test the acid-base balance of the whole body.

Find the test you want to do, easily!

Select one of the three innovative prevention test search methods we have created to find the test you are interested in.

  • Search Tests A-Z

    Find the test you are looking for based on its initials. After selecting the letter, all the preventive tests starting with the letter of your choice are presented. You can then select the test you are interested in to display the relevant information.

  • Search by Group

    Find the test you are looking for, based on its group. After you select the group, all the preventive tests of your chosen group are displayed. You can then select the test you are interested in to display the relevant information.

  • Search by Symptom

    Find the test you are looking for, based on the symptom or the pathological condition that is bothering you. After selecting the symptom or the condition, all the indicated preventive tests are displayed. You can then select the test you are interested in to display the relevant information.

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