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Semen Analysis, Basic

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Semen Analysis, Basic is used as a first, basic step in the investigation of male infertility and consists of several sub-analyses, which help determine the causes of infertility.

Semen Analysis, Basic is also used in the monitoring of varicocele and in the evaluation of successful ligation of the vas deferens (vasectomy) as a method of male contraception.

When should the Semen Analysis be done?

85% of couples will have children within a year when there is regular and normal intercourse without the use of contraceptives. This means ejaculation inside the vagina and preferably on the fertile days of the partner.

A couple is considered infertile if conception is not achieved after 12 months (not necessarily consecutive) of effort. However, when the woman is over 35 years old and as fertility rates begin to decline, it is considered wise to start the investigation after 6 months of effort. Thus, if a couple in whom the woman is under 35 has not conceived in one year or when the woman is over 35 and has not conceived in 6 months, a semen analysis (spermogram) should be performed and the investigation of fertility should begin - both male and female.

What if problems are found in the Semen Analysis?

Semen analysis has significant variability even within the same individual. Therefore, it is always advisable to perform at least two semen analyses in order to make any diagnosis. Some men have so much variation in sperm count values that more than two semen analyses must be performed to determine any abnormal condition. However, the most important first step in assessing male fertility potential is sperm analysis with the spermogram.

In 75% of cases, the causes of infertility can be found and many of the pathological findings in the spermogram can be reversed. But in a third of cases, the causes are not reversible. But in these cases, too, there may be alternatives to childbearing.

Unfortunately, there is no specific magic number in the semen analysis of men whose partners will become pregnant that differentiates them from those who will not. The wives of some men with very poor results in semen analysis can easily conceive. The wives of some men with excellent semen analysis results may have difficulties. However, men with good semen analysis results as a group will conceive at significantly higher rates than those with moderate or poor semen analysis results.

The Semen Analysis will help determine if there is a male factor involved in the couple's infertility. Some findings from sperm analysis indicate specific problems. For example, an increased white blood cell count may indicate inflammation. Of course, other abnormalities in the semen analysis are not so specific. For example, there are several causes for decreased sperm count (oligozoospermia) or decreased sperm motility (asthenozoospermia).

Why choose us for your Semen Analysis?

The examination of the sperm, or Semen Analysis, is a complex medical analysis. At Diagnostiki Athinon we do much more spermograms than the typical microbiological laboratories and therefore all the staff has excellent experience in all phases of the semen analysis (pre-analytical, analytical, and post-analytical). Unlike other "spermatology" laboratories or in vitro fertilization clinics, in our laboratory, we perform all sperm analyses immediately after the sample is taken and perform all the necessary secondary and additional tests that may be needed either in the same semen sample or in other biological materials (blood, urine, etc.). This maximizes the information that can be obtained in order to make a definitive diagnosis and reduce the number of sperm tests that one may need.

Experience: Semen analyses are complex and technically demanding. Inadequate or insufficient semen analysis can lead to a significant loss of medical information, which can significantly delay the patient's treatment. Unlike many other laboratory tests, a semen analysis is based solely on the experience of those who perform it. At Diagnostiki Athinon we have advanced laboratory analysis protocols and all the tests are performed and supervised by the very experienced Laboratory Medical Doctor (Biopathologist), scientifically responsible for the laboratory.

Time: To have accurate results in semen analysis, the sample must be examined within one hour of collection. If not, measuring sperm motility as well as certain characteristics can be extremely inaccurate. At Diagnostiki Athinon, the test is performed at the laboratory, by appointment, while no other sample is analyzed at the same time. Ideally, the sample should be collected in the laboratory. However, it is possible to bring the sample from home by following the Semen Collection Instructions.

Location: At Diagnostiki Athinon we have a special discreet space for taking the sample, equipped with a TV & WiFi for the convenience of the patient during sampling.

Laboratory Completeness: During semen analysis, some findings may indicate the need for additional tests. At Diagnostiki Athinon, a medical clinical laboratory, we have the ability to do all the tests that may be required either in the sperm, or in the urine, or in the patient's blood, in order to fully investigate the causes of male infertility.

Medical opinion: The final results are not just numbers and measurements. They represent a medical reality. The results are discussed and analyzed by the laboratory doctor to the patient, clarifying possible questions. In addition, the results are discussed with your doctor, helping and participating in order to create the appropriate treatment plan in time.

We have up-to-date laboratory equipment, suitably adapted to the needs of semen analysis.

All sperm testing procedures are performed according to the latest World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines.

We work closely with research and university institutions in Greece and abroad, in order to be able to provide patients and health scientists who trust us with a very large number of specialized and innovative laboratory analyses related to the investigation of male infertility.

Quality assurance throughout the whole process. Diagnostiki Athinon has been operating for many years and is certified with the ISO 9001:2008 quality management standard (now ISO 9001:2015) and in addition to participating in standard external quality controls, we participate in specialized quality controls related to the spermogram and sperm analyses.

Easy appointment process. There is the possibility for appointments on weekdays from 7.30 in the morning until 19.30 in the evening and in addition on Saturday from 8.00 until 11.30 in the morning.

Extremely fast response times and the ability, if necessary, to publish the results on the same day. Semen analysis reports (as well as for all tests) can be sent by e-mail, fax, and post or received in the laboratory, always ensuring medical confidentiality.

The results of the spermogram can also be published in English at no extra charge.

Access to Diagnostiki Athinon is extremely easy by all means of public transport and the car either for the delivery of the sample or for your appointment.

Our prices for the Semen Analysis, Basic, and the rest of the laboratory tests are most competitive.

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