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Cancer Screening Female Profile (CheckUp F7)

Includes 10 tests
Blood, Faeces
3 Days

Cancer Screening Female Profile (CheckUp F7) is addressed to those who want to be tested because of family history of the disease or just to not worry. Of course, this test should be accompanied by a complete CheckUp, as cancer can occur with a variety of signs and symptoms.

But beware! Levels of tumor markers alone, cannot be evidence of malignancy. Clinical examination and possibly other laboratory tests are necessary.

Areas of the body covered include the Bladder, Brain, Chest, Large Intestine, Liver, Lungs, Esophagus, Gastrointestinal System, Pancreas, Ovaries, Thyroid, and Stomach.

The Cancer Screening Female Profile now includes the newest marker for colon cancer, the measurement of M2-PK.

Additional information
Tests includedIncludes 10 tests
Sample Blood, Faeces
Procedure completion test
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Step 3

Receiving the test results

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