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Basic Prenatal Profile (CheckUp F5)

Includes 23 tests
Blood, Urine
1 Day

Basic Prenatal Profile (CheckUp F5) is suggested before pregnancy or during the first trimester of pregnancy. The profile includes tests for an immediate and comprehensive assessment of a woman's health in reproductive age who plans to become pregnant or is already pregnant in the first trimester of pregnancy.

The Basic Prenatal Profile includes more than 20 laboratory tests that check and evaluate basic functions of the body such as Renal Function and Urogenital System, Iron Status check and Complete Blood Count,  Diabetes check, a test of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Congenital Infections Immunity check as well as the Blood Group and Rhesus Typing.

Additional information
Tests includedIncludes 23 tests
Sample Blood, Urine
Procedure completion test
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Receiving the test results

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